Remote Work

The School of Education is committed to providing an exceptional learning and working experience for our students, faculty, and staff. To meet this commitment, it is expected that the majority of work performed will be done on campus and in person. We believe that a strong, on-campus presence contributes to a positive, collaborative culture and enhances the experience for all members of the community. Specifically, we are striving to achieve three goals: provide a high-quality work setting across the School; support a setting that enables employees to thrive; and maintain our environment as a residential campus that depends on a substantial amount of in-person interaction among students, faculty, and staff.

The School also recognizes that remote work can be done effectively and, in some instances, can be beneficial to the employee and to the department/unit. In order to remain competitive in the hiring and retaining of excellent staff, some flexibilities should be allowed as long as the needs of the position, the department/unit, and the School are met.

Remote Work Policy Implementation Guidelines

Learn more about the School of Education’s Campus Remote Work Policy Implementation Guidelines. These documents provide details on how the School will implement the campus Remote Work Policy — including the request and decision-making process that employees must follow to work remotely.

Remote Work Documents

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