New Employee Onboarding

Welcome to the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison!

With your acceptance of our employment offer, you join a school with 10 academic departments in the arts, education, and health – many with nationally ranked programs – and an additional 10+ service, outreach, and research units, all aimed at servicing students, faculty, staff and the Madison and Wisconsin community.

The days before you begin a new job are exciting – but can also be stressful with many things for you to do. To help guide you through this process for your new position, please follow the timeline below.

Questions? If you have questions about your onboarding process, please reach out to your department administrator. You can also contact for general inquiries.

Before You Start

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Authorize Background Check

Your employment at UW-Madison is contingent upon the successful completion of a background check, which will be facilitated by UW-Madison contracted third party vendor HireRight. You will receive a separate email from HireRight with instructions to provide information and consent through HireRight’s secure background check website. You will need to log in to provide additional information and consent to the check.

Note: Occasionally, Hireright emails go directly into your spam/junk folder in your email.

I-9 – Complete Section 1

Per federal law, UW must verify the identity and work eligibility of its employees. Like the background check, UW has partnered with HireRight to complete I-9s online. You will receive a separate email containing instructions for completing Section 1 of your I-9 through HireRight’s secure website. You must complete Section 1 on or before your start date.

Note: Occasionally, Hireright emails go directly into your spam/junk folder in your email.

Set Up Parking

UW-Madison offers many commuter solutions to accommodate the needs of a busy campus. Before starting with us, your hiring manager will contact our parking coordinator to add you to our parking list after we complete your hiring process in our HR Systems.

If you plan on driving to campus, you should review the Transportation Services parking permit website and the Permit Selection Guide. Once your information is fully in our system, the school’s parking coordinator will reach out to you with more information regarding parking.

Note: parking is very limited and alternate transportation arrangements should be made until a permit is available.

First Week of Employment

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I-9 – Complete Section 2

Within the first three days of your employment, you will need to bring a combination of acceptable documents with you to have your department complete Section 2 of the I-9.

Get Your Wiscard

The Wiscard Office is located on the first floor of Union South. Students, faculty, staff, or affiliates who need a new or replacement ID card must present a valid form of ID such as a passport or U.S. driver’s license to obtain the Wiscard. Only original documents will be accepted. The authentication process used to issue a Wiscard is also used to establish the initial level of assurance for UW-Madison’s NetID credential.

More information on how to get your Wiscard can be found here.

Activate Your NetID & Duo Login

The NetID Login Service provides a simple way to protect web resources by providing a means for users to authenticate with their NetID. Once you get your Wiscard, you should be able to activate your NetID.

Note: If you are a student, faculty, or staff member that is returning to the University, you do not need to activate your NetID if you can still login successfully. However, you should Activate Missing Services to ensure that you have access to the services you are eligible for.

MFA-DUO Enrollment

The Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) service provides secure access to all UW-Madison applications. Paired with the NetID login service, Duo MFA adds an extra layer of identity protection onto the NetID login. Users can verify their identity using the Duo app, or by using a passcode from a token or fob. Instructions for setting up MFA Duo can be found here.

Login to Your MyUW Portal

Personalized employee information is available 24/7 in MyUW. After activating your NetID, you should login to your MyUW and update the below information.

  • Updating your W-4: The W-4 is designed to help employees accurately calculate their payroll tax withholding. Withholding is a very individual decision based on each person’s financial and personal situation. Each employee must make withholding decisions on their own or with the assistance of their individual tax consultant. The UW is not authorized to provide tax advice.
  • Direct Deposit: The University requires all employees to have direct deposit. Direct deposit of your paycheck into your financial institution means no lost or stolen paper checks and no special trip to your bank or credit union. Directions to set up Direct Deposit can be found UW-Madison will send a U.S. Bank Focus Pay Card to your home address and deposit your paycheck onto if you do not enter your own account information.
  • Time and Absence Help: We recommend talking with your onboarding coordinator, supervisor, or department administrator to assist with determining what instructions to follow.

(If applicable) Submit Remote Work Agreement Request

The School of Education is committed to providing an exceptional learning and working experience for our students, faculty, and staff. Specifically, we are striving to achieve three goals: provide a high-quality work setting across the school; support a setting that enables employees to thrive; and maintain our environment as a residential campus.

You should discuss with your supervisor the options for remote work flexibility. Once determinations have been made if remote work flexibility is appropriate for your position, you will need to complete a Remote Work Agreement in your MyUW portal.

More employee information for remote work can be found here.

First Month of Employment

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Attend New Employee Orientation

Any new employee of UW–Madison is encouraged to take New Employee Orientation. You can register for New Employee Orientation here.

Enroll or Waive Benefits

If you are a UW–Madison employee and new (within your first 30 days) to benefits under the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), you are encouraged to complete the Benefits 101 session to make informed decisions regarding Benefits. You can register for Benefits 101 here. If you cannot attend Benefits 101, you should watch Benefits 101 video.

For more resources about benefits, please visit the Payroll & Benefits section of the Benefits for Employees Covered by the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) page. Some benefits, such as health insurance, have a limited eligibility period during which you can enroll. If you do not enroll during this time, you will be unable to enroll in those benefits programs until the following open enrollment period.

Complete Required Trainings

The trainings listed below are required to be completed on a rolling basis for all employees.

Have 30 Day Conversation With Supervisor

If you are a university or academic staff on probationary/evaluation period, you will complete a 30-day conversation with your supervisor, which will be a conversation between you and your supervisor to set expectations and goals for your probationary/evaluation period.


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Professional Development Opportunities

You have access to thousands of courses, seminars, conferences, online trainings, and events every year. You can view professional development options here.

Employee Disability Resources

The Employee Disability Resources (EDR) office serves as the campuswide hub for information on the disability accommodation process for employees and applicants.

If you wish to discuss an accommodation with one of our school’s Divisional Disability Representative, please email

Other Resources