Compensation is a means in which we attract, engage and retain our talent. This page provides tools and resources relating to all aspects of compensation.

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Salary Administration Guidelines

The Salary Administration Guidelines (SAG) is an all inclusive, detailed document providing compensation guidelines for campus and the School of Education (SoE). The SAG helps to ensure consistency in how we approach compensation situations and how we pay employees.

Manager Resources

Training and development resources along with links to other pertinent leader information relating to compensation can be found on the Additional Manager and Supervisor Compensation Resources page.

Pay Adjustments, Promotions & Job Title Changes

Compensation tools and resources allow us to address salary concerns related to the market and to parity, recognize changes in position duties, and reward staff for performance. There are several factors that are explored prior to providing a salary adjustment, changing an employee’s job title or promoting an employee. Please reach out to your primary HR contact for further guidance when working through these compensation related events for further guidance.

Common salary adjustment categories we use can be found via the Pay Adjustment Justification Matrix.

Additionally, there is further information regarding Faculty Promotions and the SoE Teaching Professor Promotion Guidelines.

Please use the following template letters for pay adjustments to ensure consistency in the language being used to communicate pay changes.