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The Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits staff serve as the primary resource for all School of Education personnel, payroll, and benefit issues. We’re here to help. Submit your request or a question and one of our staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Remote Work Policy

Learn more about the School of Education’s Campus Remote Work Policy Implementation Guidelines. This document provides details on how the School will implement the campus Remote Work Policy – including the request and decision-making process that employees must follow to work remotely.

Read the Remote Work Policy Implementation Guidelines

Human Resources Staff

Alicia Andrewjeski

Position title: Human Resources Director


Phone: 608-264-9238

Katie Bellin

Position title: People Analytics Consultant II


Phone: 608-264-3247

Sarah Gomez Rendon

Position title: Human Resources Manager


Phone: 608-262-4079

Max Hammond

Position title: Recruitment Specialist II


Lyndsey Johnson

Position title: Human Resources Manager


Phone: 608-262-9149

Lexi Recker

Position title: HR Coordinator


Phone: 608-264-1492

Dylan Smith

Position title: Human Resources Manager


Phone: 608-263-2302

Tammy Wacek

Position title: Human Resources Associate Director


Phone: 608-262-2604