In-Room Rules and Support for the Education Building


The following rules and support items apply to centrally managed SoE meeting rooms at the Education Building. This includes rooms: 154, 159 (WI Idea Room), 195 (Commons), 198, 245, 291, 299, and 445.

Departmentally-controlled meeting and conference rooms at the Education Building are managed by the departments to which they are assigned.

General assignment classrooms at the Education Building are scheduled by Curricular Services for credit course instruction, and by Campus Event Services for non-instructional use. SoE Building Services does not schedule or manage these rooms.

Food Items

Food and drink can be served in the Education Building. The following policies apply:


School of Education Building Services will assess a $50 fee for events that require clean up.


In accordance with recommended UW-Madison guidelines, only pre-packaged food and beverage items provided by licensed food vendors are allowed to be served in our meeting and conference spaces. Please see the UW guidelines for food on campus.


If you are planning to serve a catered meal in the building, you must attempt to secure an on-campus agency such as The Wisconsin Union or UW Housing.  If the Union or Housing is not available, any outside catering vendor must have a City of Madison Catering License, and provide an insurance certificate with high-risk insurance limits, per University requirements.

SoE Building Services does not coordinate catering orders, delivery, or pick up for your event. When using any form of catering, please make sure one of your staff members is available for their arrival. You must arrange for all catering equipment from your event to be picked up within 24 hours on the following business day.

If you need additional tables for food set up, please note this on your reservation request, or email School of Education Building Services.

Furniture Set Up

All Ed Building meeting rooms have standard set ups. These set ups can be viewed in the room descriptions found on our scheduling website.

Please designate a set up type, if available, with your reservation request. Please note that some set ups offered by SoE Building Services are subject to an extensive set up fee due to the time and personnel needed to rearrange the furniture.

If you would like a set up that we do not offer, please include that information in the reservation request, or send it to School of Education Building Services. These custom set ups will be subject to hourly special set up fees and staff availability.


No unauthorized posting is allowed in the Education Building. Please contact School of Education Building Services if you need to post signs or posters for your event. Any unauthorized signs will be removed immediately. If signs cause damage to the building, additional repair fees will be assessed.


If you will be serving alcohol at your event, please refer to the campus guidelines. Please note that all alcohol beverage service permits must be signed by the Dean, so please plan ahead.

Audio-Visual Equipment and IT Support

All the rooms in the Education Building have Audio/Visual (AV) equipment installed. The AV features can be viewed in the room descriptions found on our scheduling website.

The items listed in the room description come standard with the room. If you require additional equipment, please note this in the reservation request, or send it to School of Education Building Services. These customs set ups will be subject to AV fees and staff availability.

An introduction/training on the AV equipment in the Education Building is available upon request free of charge.


Users of the Education Building are allowed to bring in decorations, as long as the decorations are cleaned up after the conclusion of your event. The following are not allowed within the Education Building: glitter, confetti, unauthorized taping of decorations to painted walls, windows, floors, etc. If unauthorized decorations cause damage to the building, repair fees will be assessed.