Administrative Support Program


The Administrative Support Program provides on-going, sustainable administrative support to the departments and units throughout SoE. Our goal is to enhance capacity in a variety of service areas including finance and budget, procurement, event management, and human resources. We are here to help and look forward to working with you. Please see the list of some of our services below and submit a request today.

Request Form

Examples of requests we receive: 

  • Transfer 2024 S& E expenses from 131-170510-6 to 136-170510-1.
  • Set up a non-employee profile for XYZ and process an e-Reimbursement for their visit to Madison.
  • Create a PO for branded merchandise for a purchase price of $7,000.
  • Process an honorarium for a guest speaker.
  • Professor X took 3 colleagues to dinner to discuss research. Create an e-Reimbursement on their behalf.
  • We just hired a new admin/financial specialist. Can you meet with them to go over purchasing policy.
  • I will be out of the office for an extended period of time and need someone to cover a few of my duties while I’m gone.
  • Our department is holding a meeting/interview/event that requires catering. Please place an order for food.

“The option to have ASP provide support to the departments is a lifesaver multiple times over. They have been easy to work with and do good work.”

Jennifer Krug, 2024



Funding Entry/TL Security

Additional Pay

Time & Absence



Purchasing Card/ShopUW+

Cost Transfers

Scholarships/Tuition Remission


Event Support

Room Reservations

Travel Arrangements


Administrative Support Staff

Kweku Brewoo

Position title: Financial Manager


Phone: 608-890-2514

Alisa Gradney

Position title: Administrative Support Specialist


Phone: 608-263-5533

Mai Vang Yang

Position title: Administrative Support Specialist


Phone: 608-890-3388