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Main Office

Business Office
School of Education
L259 Education Building
(lower level, east entrance)
1000 Bascom Mall
MadisonWI  53706

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:45am - 4:30pm

Tel: 608/262-6138
Fax: 608/265-5621

or by contact form

School of Education Administrative Calendar


  • New fiscal year budgets distributed
  • A-Basis Appt fiscal year reports due to Business Office – July 6
  • Year-end Accounts Receivable reports due
  • Year-end Deferred Revenue reports due
  • Year-end Deferred Expense Reports due
  • Year-end Supplies Inventory Report due
  • Nonstandard course fee/tuition requests for Fall due


  • Unclassified annual leave report due
  • Summer session spending finalized and final report due
  • Grad Assistant student enrollment verification forms due (FICA deductions for AY)
  • C-Basis Appt fiscal year reports due to Business Office – August 15
  • Annual update of RPA Fee rate schedules due to Business Office
  • Early Capital Exercise and Start-up Package Allocations distributed


  • Special course charges/fees per Financial Policy G29 - due to Business Office
  • Grad School’s Fall Research Competition applications due
  • Summer Sick Leave Report for C-Basis Employees due
  • Prior Year End Financial Results distributed
  • Monthly Grad Asst Tuition Remission Surcharge for Fall Semester begins


  • Benefits – Dual Choice open enrollment
  • Prepare Capital Exercise requests
  • Summer Session Planning initiated for next summer
  • Wisconsin Idea, Baldwin Grant deadlines
  • Credit Outreach/Extended Day Course Planning deadline
  • U.S. News Survey data collected
  • Ed Outreach Fund 104 Carryover Plan due to central campus


  • 104 Budgets due to Education Outreach/campus
  • Capital Exercise requests due
  • Program Revenue trend review
  • Nonstandard course fee/tuition requests for Spring due
  • Classified leave carry-over/conversion requests due
  • U.S. News Survey finalized
  • SOE Fund 101 salary savings projections - due to the Business Office
  • Tenure, Job Security and Rate/Title Planning and Preparation begun


  • Capital Exercise allocations issued
  • Summer Session Budgets due
  • Program Revenue Projections due
  • Classified Staff Leave Carry-over requests due


  • Tenure, Job Security and Rate/Title Request – due to Business Office
  • Second Semester Appointments due by 1/15
  • 101 Salary Savings – due to Business Office
  • Capital Exercise all expenditures -  finalized
  • Call for Lab Mod proposals
  • Ed Outreach Fund 104 Salary Savings Exercise - due to central campus
  • Summer Session Budget Entry for upcoming summer completed and locked
  • Budget Materials distributed to units


  • Program Revenue fund budgets (136) due and final
  • Budget meetings with the Dean
  • Scholarship selections – due to External Relations
  • SOE Distinguished Achievement Awards nominations due
  • Tenure/Probation Reports due
  • Rate/Title Requests due if to be included in next year’s budget


  • Budget meetings with the Dean
  • All Non-136 Budgets due and final by 3/15
  • Merit calculations due
  • Summer Session allocations issued
  • Scholarship letters mailed to students
  • Lab Mod proposals due


  • Nonstandard course fee/tuition requests for summer due
  • Performance Evaluations begun
  • New faculty appointments for next FY - finalized
  • Parking priority lists due
  • Blanket Orders for FY reduced/closed
  • Begin New Year requisition preparation
  • Use up carry-over vacation reminder
  • Insurance summer coverage reports
  • Outside Activities On-Line Reports due


  • Program Revenue projections for year-end due
  • Departments to review and submit 2/9th requests for upcoming summer
  • Final expense processing for the fiscal year
  • Summer Session Grad Asst student enrollment verification due (FICA deductions for summer)
  • Submit Blanket Orders for next FY
  • Monthly Grad Asst Tuition Remission Surcharge adjusted for 101 funds (credit applied)
  • Monthly Grad Asst Tuition Remission final month


  • Classified fiscal year reports distributed and due
  • Salary notification letters distributed
  • LTE appointments reviewed/terminated/extended
  • Performance Evaluations finalized
  • Submit all services & supplies expenditures to meet processing deadlines
  • Unclassified fiscal year reports distributed for new year
  • Unclassified leave carry-over requests submitted
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